What to Expect

What to Expect

Colonial Hills Baptist Church offers a full experience of congregational worship and small group Bible study.

Small group Bible studies will examine the Scripture for practical truths to strengthen our relationship with God.  Small groups foster an environment of fellowship and sharing while welcoming those who are new to faith in Jesus.

As you enter the sanctuary for congregational worship, we encourage you to recognize the unique Christian worship experience of joyful celebration mixed with reverent awe. You may want to pray silently in your seat to prepare for meeting with God.

During the service it is customary for worshippers to stand during hymns, praise songs, and congregational readings. Everyone sits during the offering collection, instrumentals, choir anthems, solos, other Scripture readings, and the sermon. During the time of prayer individuals are encouraged to seek out their best prayer posture.  Therefore you may kneel, sit in reverence, or stand with outstretched arms.

All who seek God and are drawn to Christ through the worship experience are invited to the altar for prayer during the Invitation following the sermon. During this important part of congregational response, it is traditional in Baptist churches to come to the altar to pray or to speak with the pastor.  To come to the altar to pray, one may come alone or with a friend and choose to stand or kneel.  The pastor is available to pray for you or to answer questions about becoming a Christian, about becoming a church member, or how to be baptized.